Cable Spooling in the age of digitisation

Leading cable spooling company attains their greatest competitive advantage through qubesense and terms it the biggest enabler of business excellence


Pride Energy Services [Pride] is a family run business, providing well-site logistics for the USA upstream oil & energy industry, forte being, efficient movement and storage of equipment, spooling personnel and products with an unwavering focus on operational excellence, safety and service.

In early 2019, when Pride operated as a 3rd party vendor, Nicholas Wood stepped up to take charge of his family business.

Nicholas had a corporate career in the oil & gas industry and cherished the dream to transform Pride as a significant and respectful player in their domain. To achieve that goal, the day-to-day execution process needed to be digitalized and efficiencies of scale had to be built across the company.

He considered various commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology alternatives to digitize and automate the workflow processes to streamline tasks and decrease the overheads associated with manual tasks.

Recognizing the constraints of dealing with COTS, the search was on for a comprehensive workflow automation solution that would adapt their software to Pride’s working style without having stakeholders spend weeks learning how to use it.

This global hunt for an optimal solution led them to partner with qubesense.


Nicholas wanted a customized workflow management solution that would match their exact process, and could be developed and deployed rapidly in a modular manner. Unfortunately, the existing one size fits all solutions provided by one of the leading providers was not flexible enough to handle their unique business needs, and Pride’s operations began to suffer.

Nicholas’ vision for Digital Pride, had to address and bring efficiencies across:

- Existing paper-based field ticket system brought to fore human error, leading to time and cost overheads across job orders and dispatch.
- Invoice filling with supporting evidence, was chaotic, time-consuming, impeded productivity, revenue realization, and growth prospects.

- Delay in communication led to increased customer response time.
- Error-prone reporting, lost, misplaced, incorrect ticket led to overcharging or missed getting charged.
- Lack of transparency in accurate job tracking.

- Stringent regulations for health and safety compliance reporting and lots of regulatory paperwork to file, store and manage regarding staff and vehicles with drivers leading to loss of working hours in field and fear of compliance penalty.

- Lack of centralized point of operation for work orders, site locations, technicians, inventory, and basic real-time reporting.
- Human Error hampering completion time, proof of work, mismatch in operator and asset allocation.


Pride turned these challenges into drivers for change. They realized that to achieve operational excellence, they needed a custom workflow management solution that is compatible with their existing processes. They desired a cost-effective, modular system that could be built rapidly over time.

In their global search, Nicholas realized his ideas for his Digital business were better understood by the solution experts at qubesense, and the qubesense platform enabled him to add various features and modules as and when he needed rapidly.

Nicholas loved qubesense USP – qubesense modules could be used to automate workflow management, scheduling, invoicing, document management, compliance management, inventory management, and other daily operational functions, all on a single platform. Along with the flexibility to quickly integrate with any existing systems that were already in use at Pride.


Nicholas, along with solution experts from qubesense, jointly sketched the scope of the solution. They devised a well-defined and comprehensive custom workflow management solution that was iOS, Android and Web compatible, UI/UX friendly, and designed for scale, to quickly streamline the entire workflow.

qubesense delivered a solution that digitalized Pride’s operations across, Client Management, Scheduling, Staff and Expense Management, Contracts, Quote and Invoicing, among others.

Nicholas and his team were extremely satisfied with the qubesense team’s outstanding technical support and the quick development and rapid implementation of modules in weeks, rather than months.


Pride, thanks to the Intelligent Workflow Management Solution from qubesense, has seen tremendous increase in efficiencies across their business. Increased productivity levels and optimized processes has reduced workload and overhead expenses, providing the competitive advantage, Nicholas desired. 

Pride has been able to win many deals, repeat and new, by delivering organized and synchronized field service operations facilitated by the qubesense solution.

- One click 24*7 real time visibility for Nicholas across business operations.
- Appropriate resource allocation boosts employee morale and productivity.
- Automated billing and invoicing eliminated revenue loss.
- Automated escalation mechanism to ensure quick resolutions.
- One-click access for all Human resources functions
- Efficient Field Data Collection.

- Client got visibility into their field job progress, Pride gained TRUST.
- Quick Response time improved customer satisfaction.
- Timely task fulfilment resulting in repeat business.
- Invoicing transparency.

- Reduced compliance process burden as documents available at click of a button, no stoppage time in field.
- Automation improves compliance and audit readiness.
- Real-time visibility into safety and health compliance.

- Work order automation reduced job scheduling/dispatch time, accelerated back-office procedures.
- Correct allocation on 1st attempt meant no work hour wastage and confusion in field.
- Business logic and rule engine to monitor exceptions in handling workflow.
- Automated Job Dispatch and progress alerts.
- Savings in fuel costs, non-productive billable hours.

“Transitioning to the qubesense solution has been our greatest competitive advantage and biggest enabler of business excellence. We're blown away by their exceptional customer service, swift deliverables, and 100% customized solution at an economical price. The solution has enabled us to accelerate revenue 400% in just 12 months. We have tremendous confidence in this system, and the ROI is really BIG!! This solution is a Game-Changer “
Nicholas Wood
President, COO
IndoGlobus QubeSense