What are farm management solutions?

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Read our customer success story about how qubesense farming solutions help farmers increase crop yield and productivity while reducing costs.

Why do farms prefer qubesense to manage their operations?

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Complete digitization of farm operations

The entire farming process can now be made paperless, thanks to a mobile app. All your scattered data can be collected and turned into meaningful business insight

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Traceability from sowing to selling

qubesense farm management traceability feature enables real-time updates about a product's journey from sowing to selling

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Real-time reporting

Generate reports of critical farm operations, day-to-day tasks and view progress reports on mobile devices

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Improve team productivity

Easily create and assign schedules, compile timesheet data, centralize your employee records, view individual and group productivity trends.

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Crop assessment

Monitor the state of your crops right from the office. Learn about the slightest ground & weather changes, take fast and reliable decisions on-field treatment.

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Map your farm

Get a customized view of a satellite map of all the crops, fruits, vegetables that are being cultivated on your commercial farms.

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Inventory management

Get real-time insights into your crops, fruits, livestock, chemicals, and fertilizer stock level. Gain a 360° view of all your field machines, tools, and assets.

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Livestock management

Keep track of all livestock from birth to sale. Get insights into costing & performance metrics.

Experience freedom with qubesense all-in-one farm management software

Highly customizable and flexible set of farming modules

qubesense farm management solution is a comprehensive suite of customized farm software that allows you to choose one or more modules, depending on your needs. We can also customize an existing module to meet your specific business requirements.

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Using our payroll software for farms, farm managers can breakdown the exact expense incurred by workers, contractors, groups and accordingly pay the daily or weekly wages.

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Task allocation

Monitor and guide the resources for optimal farm processes. Send real-time job dispatch notifications and receive task completion alerts.

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Spray record keeping

Create, access and keep a track of the chemicals & fertilizers used in the farm. Know the consumption quantity, as well as usage and price by block.

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Record picking and packing activities, match and fulfill sales order allocation, dispatch, and delivery.

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Generate a barcode for your packing products in real-time, view already packed products, and make decisions to fill orders and shipping.

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Quality checks

Perform & record quality checks on your products as they progress to harvest. Perform remedial measures when required.

Harvest higher profits with qubesense's ROI-focused farm management solutions


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