What is field service management software?

qubesense field service management software helps businesses with field service operations in solving critical operational challenges. It simplifies workforce management and enhances team coordination, whether they’re working in the field or back office.¬†

Field service management includes dispatching personnel or contractors to remote sites for sales, customer support, set-up, inspection, and maintenance services. It is a range of activities that enables organizations to manage their field service operations effectively including:

Five distinct features of qubesense field service management software

Paperless and safe

Go paperless and digitize your field operations. Access data and reports from anywhere, anytime, and transform scattered data into meaningful business intelligence

real-time tracking
Real-time tracking

Managers can track the location of their field teams in real-time, allowing for efficient dispatching and improved safety and security of field staff

scheduling and dispatching
Scheduling and dispatching

qubesense field service dispatch software enables managers to schedule and assign work to field technicians efficiently, taking into account factors such as skill level, location, and availability.

Improve team productivity

Create, assign and track schedules easily; view timesheet data; centralize employee records; compile visit trends and KPI's that may need improvement

route optimization
Route optimization

qubesense helps optimize field technicians' travel routes and reduces fuel costs, resulting in more efficient field operations

Automated invoicing

Automated bookkeeping allows for accurate client billing eliminating human error in line items and costing. Track all invoice status, including due, sent, and paid.

asset management
Asset Management

This feature enables managers to track inventory levels and equipment usage, ensuring that field technicians have the right tools and resources to complete their jobs

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Agnostic solution

qubesense field service business automaton is industry- and geography-agnostic. It's highly customizable to fit your business processes, and it integrates easily with any existing systems

Empower your field teams to get more done in less time with qubesense field service management software

Highly customizable and flexible set of field service modules

qubesense field service business process automation solution is customized to meet the specific requirements of your business processes. It is designed and developed according to your unique needs, giving you the flexibilty to select one or multiple modules.

If your business has a well-established and successful process but lacks the necessary IT or process analysis expertise to adapt to the digital world, qubesense field services platform can assist you in transforming your business while preserving your core process.

Benefits of qubesense field service automation software

streamline workflows
Streamline workflows

Field Service software automates manual processes, streamlining workflows and reducing administrative burdens. This enables businesses to focus on delivering high-quality service and grow their business

Compliance readiness
Compliance readiness

qubesense field services solution reduces burden of compliance by automating processes and improving audit readiness. Documented proof of compliance is available at a click of a button

Reduce costs
Reduce costs

FSM eliminates human error and saves time and cost overheads across job orders. With access to data and insights, businesses can better manage their field service operations

Empowering field teams
Empowering field teams

qubesense field management solutions provide technicians with remote assistance, mobile capabilities and access to improve task efficiency, ensure safety, comply with regulations, and troubleshoot problems more quickly

First time fix
Improve first time fix rates

By providing technicians with the right data at the right time, mobile field service management software helps technicians fix problems faster and improves first-time fix rates and shorten mean time to repair

Reduce downtime
Reduce downtime

qubesense field force management software helps increase uptime, improve asset performance, and reduce downtime by identifying necessary repairs earlier in the asset lifecycle

qubesense field service management use cases in different industries include

oil and gas
Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies use qubesense Field Service Management software to optimize their field operations, manage assets, schedule and dispatch technicians, ensure safety and compliance standards and generate reports for decision-making


FSM has transformed healthcare operations by digitizing patient information capture and expediting daily visitation processes. qubesense FSM, a mobile workforce management software, gives real-time visibility into workforce operations, allowing providers to manage teams effortlessly and make data-driven decisions for better outcomes


qubesense FSM Solution helps manufacturing companies manage their operations more efficiently by providing a single platform for managing all functions, including HR, finance, sales, and logistics. The field service dispatch app helps to schedule and dispatch technicians, track and validate work orders and collaborate effectively with real-time visibility into workforce operations. With increased quality control, manufacturing companies can improve efficiency.


qubesense enterprise field service management helps utility companies manage their field staff, meter readings, spot billing, new connections, customer service, complaint resolution, and monitoring systems. This software helps utilities reduce power theft, increase billing efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction among others


qubesense field force automation software is used by telecommunications companies to streamline their field operations. The software enables scheduling and dispatching of technicians, tracking of work orders and inventory, reporting, and more–all on a single platform. It also includes features such as GPS-tagged photos and automatic validation of data captured using a field service management app, ensuring efficient operations and accurate data capture


qubesense field service management solutions streamline the operations of HVAC maintenance companies, including scheduling maintenance, repair, and installations. With real-time visibility into workforce operations, the company can track work orders, manage inventory, and dispatch technicians with ease, resulting in reduced downtime and increased productivity.


qubesense field service management software streamlines field operations for FMCG companies, providing real-time visibility into stock levels and delivery schedules. The software also manages the traceability and shelf life of perishable products while offering current offers and dynamic pricing, ensuring timely deliveries to distributors, and managing supplier billing and invoicing 

Save time and effort with qubesense field service management software


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Safety first with qubesense field service management solution

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