Ikeja Electricity distribution Company, addresses power theft challenges and increases revenue through qubesense enterprise applications metering solutions

qubesense provides custom energy management software solutions for utility companies that improve billing and collection efficiency and lowers ATC&C loss.

“Since our engagement with qubesense, we have seen an increase in our billing efficiencies to over 82% while collections efficiency is currently at 74% while ATC&C (Aggregate Technical, Commercial, and Collections) loss is down by 42% “


The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) is Nigeria’s largest power distribution company, owning and operating the country’s largest electricity distribution network. It is based in Lagos and offers electricity and power to over 1 million consumers in various households and industries.

Initially, the utility firm was administered as a government service, and it relied significantly on manual operations.

The customer wanted seamless, cost-effective energy management software solutions for utilities that could be deployed rapidly.


Because of the difficulties in monitoring a large field staff, it was virtually impossible to hold employees accountable. Also a lack of real-time visibility made it impossible for them to connect with customers and offer excellent service.

Meter readers visited homes, workplaces, and factories to take in-person meter readings, which were entered into paper-based forms and subsequently entered into billing accounting software to create payment invoices. Moreover, due to energy theft, the company did not receive full payment, and as a result, the company suffered a significant loss each year.

Due to a lack of automated energy management software solutions for uilities, the company could not measure, monitor, or control its aggregate technical and commercial losses. Customers were facing significant challenges due to manual paper-based processes.





The company did have an application from another company that converted paper forms into a digital format, but that’s where it stopped. The question of what to do with the data collected was a crucial question that needed a solution..

qubesense provided a perfect energy and utilities digital transformation  solution to Ikeja’s What’s Next? Ikeja got precisely what they wanted along with the ability to connect to any third-party API and effortlessly automate business processes.

The most difficult components of developing such a large and enterprise-wide system are timely execution, asset management, scalability, and stability.

qubesense team’s extensive knowledge and understanding of utility operations, along with its project management abilities and expertise, and the sheer power and customizability of the qubesense digital transformation platform, enabled Ikeja to exceed customer expectations.


The solution team analyzed the existing manual process of meter reading system and found several irregularities. The customer’s team and qubesense created a customized modular utility management solution that was just right for Ikeja’s unique business need.

The qubesense team collaborated closely with the Ikeja team to deploy various modules as per the schedule and assist the employees in coming up to speed. All modules of the meter data management system were developed and deployed within six weeks.

Key Highlights


qubesense empowered the electricity distribution network with a more effective home energy audit and monitoring system to reduce power theft, increase efficiency in billing, and strengthen its vision of providing a 24×7 electricity supply.

The business value that qubesense enterprise applications solutions for utilities delivered is much higher. According to Ikeja, qubesense utility solution’s key USP is its “ability to execute the seemingly impossible.”





High-Efficiency Solutions” is the tag name awarded to qubesense by Ikeja. qubesense utility metering solutions have made the company’s processes more efficient, resulting in Ikeja bagging many operational excellence awards and certifications.

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