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qubesense is a highly customized oilfield services software solution that is designed to streamline and optimize various processes across multiple services, including :

oilfield software solutions

Why qubesense?

Read how qubesense helped an oil and energy company to accelerate revenue by 400% in just 12 months.

How qubesense helps overcome key oil and gas industry challenges

disparate data
Disparate Data

Disparate data systems with information silos hinder collaboration, transparency, and productivity. qubesense integrates various systems into a unified repository to enable data-driven decision-making.


Oilfield services companies often rely on off-the-shelf software that does not integrate with their existing systems. But with qubesense oilfield software solutions, there are no compatibility issues since it helps integrate all your existing systems


Service companies often encounter difficulties using mobile devices from remote locations to transmit data and communicate with the office. qubesense offers offline mobile apps that allow field teams to access data and communicate with the office, even in remote locations


The oilfield services industry software solutions have complex features and require specific expertise and training to use them effectively. qubesense software for the oil and gas industry is simple and easy to use, eliminating any learning curve

Real-time data

Oilfield services companies must monitor their drilling and production operations. qubesense facilitates real-time visibility into data reports and provides access to critical data in real time, all on a single platform.

Environmental concerns

The oil and gas industry faces intense scrutiny to be mindful of its environmental impact. By using qubesense, companies can customize automated alerts and notifications to take proactive steps to reduce environmental impact.


Oilfield services companies have periods of rapid growth and contraction, depending on market conditions. qubesense platform is scalable and can scale up or down as needed..

Regulatory Compliance

The oilfield services industry must comply with a number of regulations, including process safety management and environmental protection. qubesense automates the collection of up-to-date status information and enables detailed inspection reports that helps in compliance with these regulations.

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Use cases of qubesense oil and gas software solutions:

qubesense offers comprehensive oil and gas software application modules for oilfield services companies that address various aspects of their operations.

workflow management
Workflow management

qubesense helps oilfield services companies manage their workflows by providing capabilities for process automation, task delegation based on the job location and proximity, and real-time progress tracking and validation of each job, among others

Production efficiency

qubesense oil and gas production optimization software can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits across your entire oil and gas operations

Customer relationship management

Track customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, and analyze customer data on qubesense

billing and invoicing
Billing and Invoicing

qubesense facilitates error-free billing and invoicing by automating invoice generation, tracking payments, and providing real-time billing information.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

The Inventory and supply chain management module helps businesses track inventory levels, optimize their supply chain, and manage vendor relationships.

job allocation
Job dispatch

qubesense job dispatch module uses real-time data to allow your workforce scheduling team to efficiently allocate the right resources, manage workloads, and track job progress.

Compliance and Regulations

Oilfield services companies can effectively manage compliance monitoring and risk mitigation with the help of the compliance and regulations module

reports and analytics
Reports and Analytics

qubesense provides a reporting and analytics solution that allows oilfield services companies to generate custom reports, analyze performance data, and identify trends and opportunities.


The inspection module allows to create and manage checklists for inspections, scheduling and performing inspections, tracking compliance with safety regulations, and managing inspection reports

fleet mangement
Fleet Management

qubesense service truck dispatching software helps with fleet management, billing, fuel tax reporting, tracking all vehicles and equipment all on a single platform

resource management
Resource and Asset Management

qubesense enhances resource utilization for oilfield services companies, enabling them to effectively manage asset tracking, personnel, equipment, and supplies

contract management
Contract management

Oilfield companies can manage their contracts and related documentation, including contract creation and distribution, review, and approval processes on qubesense.

equipment monitorin
Equipment Monitoring

qubesense offers an equipment monitoring solution that allows oilfield services companies to track equipment performance, schedule maintenance, and identify potential issues

route planning
Route planning

qubesense helps oilfield services companies plan and optimize their routes, including travel time, fuel consumption, and vehicle availability.

warehouse management
Warehouse Management

the warehouse management module enables oilfield services companies to track inventory levels, optimize warehouse operations, and manage logistics.

oil wells
Pipelines and Wells’ Monitoring

qubesense offers a solution for monitoring pipelines and wells, including sensors for leak detection, pressure monitoring, and remote monitoring.

job vaidation
Job Order Validation

qubesense oil field services software ensures that job orders are accurate and complete by providing modules for order validation and verification.

financial management
Financial management

qubesense oil and gas software solutions helps companies to manage their finances efficiently, including budgeting, forecasting, invoicing, and payment processing.

hr onboarding
HR Onboarding

qubesense provides an HR onboarding solution that enables oilfield services companies to efficiently onboard new employees, manage HR data, and track employee progress.


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