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qubesense becomes world’s first official Appenate Consulting Provider

Why Appenate?
  • Appenate is the premiere mobility platform for IT solutions providers, software vendors and enterprises
  • One of the best kept secrets in the IT channel, Appenate is being adopted by businesses around the world
  • It provides a powerful combination of rapid native app creation, with strong line of business functionality and deep data integration options
  • Appenate’s fully white-label option makes it the natural choice for companies that need a line of business apps under their own brand
  • Available as a cloud or server option, Appenate provides:
    • A stable platform that is focused on rapid drag ‘n-drop business app creation
    • Strong support for complex data capture and other business scenarios using mobile devices in the field
    • A wide range of integration and data output options for streamlining business processes

Why qubesense?

  • qubesense is the world’s first-ever official Appenate Consulting Provider
  • Appenate Consulting Providers must demonstrate a high level of experience, skill, and professionalism with regard to:
    • Platform understanding
    • Real-world Appenate implementations
    • Best practice knowledge in the enterprise mobility domain
  • Our experience in providing enterprise-grade mobility solutions to our customers means that we have a wealth of knowledge with Appenate that many others simply don’t have
  • The deep expertise of our India-based team allows us to rapidly build highly complex solutions on Appenate platform and gives us an unmatched cost (and time zone) advantage
  • We’re excited to now offer our expertise to help other Appenate users learn and benefit from the rich, deep functionality of the Appenate platform

Read our case study on how qubesense digital transformation platform uses Appenate as a mobile front end, unleashing phenomenal growth.

Our Appenate Offerings:
  • qubesense has extensive experience with:
    • Creating complex and powerful Appenate apps
    • Implementing complex business processes via the Appenate platform
    • Integrating external systems using the Appenate API
    • Best practice advice and consulting to help quick-start success on Appenate
Drop us a note at and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, and help you build a comprehensive solution on the Appenate platform.
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