Time and Attendance Management System: One platform for your time tracking, Geo-fencing & user analytics.

Customer is one of the largest power distribution companies in Africa. Their Field agents spend the day in the field and return to complete their reports, which accounted for traveling time and expenses. To manage its distributed field force, they relied entirely on manual processes.


With more than 900 field workers working remotely, the management found it challenging to manage their time, cost, and productivity because of the constantly evolving workforce. Due to the lack of an integrated platform, the organization could only keep track of a tiny percentage of its field officers' activity and daily reports, causing delays and inaccuracies in their work.


qubesense implemented a customized automated attendance management solution that allowed both the office employees and field staff to use it on their Android or iOS devices. Attendance monitoring software automatically tracks employees' activities and provides automated payroll inputs without requiring manual intervention. Attendance is marked, and instant notification is sent to the management if there are deviations in check-in or check-out.


GPS-based attendance with mobile applications ensures employees clock in and out of a specific area

Automated attendance management systems record accurate and real-time tracking

The payroll is integrated with the attendance management system

The leave application and approval processes are automated

The system generates distance covered by employees and automates expense reports

Tamper-proof selfie based attendance system where images are watermarked with date, time, and location stamp


qubesense affordable attendance tracking solutionis a one-stop, customized automated solution for attendance, HR & payroll functions. Learn more about how you can optimize your human capital management operations.

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