About client

The client specializes in large construction and infrastructure projects. They are associated with qubesense since 2 years for their various business requirements.

Challenges faced by client

The roofing workers had to find a solution to deliver important real-time warnings and work related notifications to the administration.

The roofing installation process has different workers involved hence the new worker should be able to view/edit records from previous worker.

challenge 2

Case summary

The field workers had to deal with many cumbersome and complex spreadsheets for roofing inspection and installation process. They used to mention the task reports on papers and pass it to the next worker. This slowed down the roofing installation process and impacted the efficiency of work.

Sharing of proposals after inspection was also done manually. At the time of delivery of the roofing materials to the work site, papers and digital spreadsheets were being used which was followed by roofing installation process, which was all manual. They didn’t had any faster and efficient way of doing it.

Client was experiencing these business challenges as they had not implemented digital reporting tools in this case. After trying possible solutions and research, they inquired qubesense for support.

Solution provided

qubesense built an intelligent smartphone based solution which enabled the field workers to broadcast critical warning messages to the administration. qubesense also developed a web based solution for the supervisors and senior management officials, where they can login and have meaningful insights from various data sources.

Benefits after implementing qubesense roofing solutions

✔  Supervisors can access information in real-time which was not the case before they implemented the solution.

 ✔  Improvement in production by 20% due to the use of digital platforms for all the roofing process data reporting.

 ✔  The team is now able to collaborate in real-time with the organization.

 ✔  Improved efficiency by minimizing manual tasks.

 ✔  Management can make business decisions based on performance of each department.


With qubesense we are now able to support large team and solve work-related complications easily.

- Roofing field worker

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