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We customize Digital Process Automation Solutions exactly to your unique needs, so you don’t have to modify how you work to use our solution.

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You don’t have to go through the hassle of building your software development team from a scratch. We collaborate with your team to build a customized digital business solution while you still focus your resources on your core competency.

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Get a customized Digital Process Automation Solution without compromising on your existing system

ROI driven solutions that are just SIMPLE

qubesense field service management solution is a 100 % white label platform, fully customizable, designed to deliver immediate ROI. qubesense lets you streamline your processes and optimize field service management systems while providing a great user experience. It is designed to integrate into your existing systems and processes. Our field service automations solutions meet specific needs in highly mature sectors, such as Oil and Energy, Farming, Nursing Management Solution, Health and Safety Industries among many others, across geographies. We provide Industry agnostic field service management software for small businesses, medium businesses and large corporations alike.


qubesense has data security at the core with 99.99% uptime and availability guarantee


qubesense takes an innovative approach towards addressing specific business challenges


qubesense impact is immediately measurable; we can show and track the derived value


qubesense will intuitively scale up to keep pace with your growing business requirements


qubesense is lean and specific; any feature that does not add value is automatically excluded


qubesense is easy to use and can be quickly adopted across your whole organization

Native business applications

iOS, Android, Windows, and Web applications for real-time data interaction
Robust Drag n Drop App Builder
Interaction with any Data Element

Interactive business analytics

A comprehensive suite of customized dashboards and reporting for real-time analytics

Intuitive analytics dashboards

Dynamic map visualisations

Custom business modules

A comprehensive suite of customized dashboards and reporting for real-time analytics

End to end traceability and control
Limitless third-party Integrations
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Trusted by companies in many diverse industry verticals across the globe

100% white-label partner programs

Our partners deliver cutting edge business transformation solutions under their own brand, while we provide all the support behind the scene. There’s no ‘Powered by’, ‘Supported by’, in short, there’s no reference to us at all.


White label technology program

cloud computing

White label customer support program


White label sales & marketing program

Industry verticals that love qubesense solutions

Corporations of all sizes, across all geographies and industries, ranging from automotive to utilities are achieving unprecedented visibility, control & intelligence into their business operations

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Experience the versatility, intelligence and sheer power of qubesense

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