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Our Vision

At IndoGlobus, we use Design Thinking principles to develop software solutions that are focused on the unique needs and goals of the people who will use them. We call this approach "human-centered problem-solving" because it is centered on the users who will benefit from our solutions


At IndoGlobus, our mission is to empower our customers to achieve their business goals. To accomplish this, we have implemented a platform strategy that allows us to quickly and efficiently customize software solutions by leveraging a pre-built base platform

Our Flagship Product

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What is Design Thinking at IndoGlobus?

Design thinking philosophy helps our developers to empathise with the needs and problems of the users and identify effective ways to solve these problems. This approach helps us to understand the user's perspective before any development begins. Empathy and humility are the cornerstones of every solution that we build.

Why is it important to design solutions based on Design Thinking principles?

Meet Challenges

With a design thinking approach, the team at qubesense is able to identify and solve customer pain points efficiently


The design thinking approach combines human needs with technological feasibility and economic viability


We adopt a collaborative approach to software development, working closely with customers to understand their challenges and requirements

Rapid Development

Since we're directly involved with the customer in modeling their customers' experiences, development is more proactive versus reactive.

qubesense focuses on the following stages of the customer journey


qubesense is trusted by leading companies across the globe

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