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Why Automation Fails 3

In a recent post, Gartner outlines why some automation initiatives fail and how to avoid them.

Automation has changed the way we do business. As a result, intelligent enterprises search for ways to create process automation that helps achieve greater efficiencies, sustainability, and profitability.

Why Automation Fails?

If not implemented efficiently, automation would result in a failure costing companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars. A worldwide survey conducted by Ernst & Young shows that 30% to 50% of process automation projects fail owing to ineffective execution.

This article will discuss the most common automation mistakes organizations make when deploying automation solutions and some tactics on how qubesense has been helping organizations avoid these mistakes since 2015.

Gartner: 10 Common Automation Mistakes

How qubesense Helps Avoid These Mistakes


Falling in love with a single technology

With qubesense, our focus is always on the end goal, and we never compromise on that; we deploy the technology that makes sense for achieving that end goal


Believing that business can automate without IT

qubesense will always be there to support you; you will not need to hire your own IT team


Thinking automation is always the solution

qubesense will never blindly suggest automation; if your current processes need tuning, we will suggest that first


Not engaging all stakeholders

qubesense will develop the solution jointly with your team, so stakeholders always stay engaged


Failing to devote enough time to testing

At qubesense, we strive to develop software step by step in a modular way and ensure it is stable and scalable.


Wasting effort on overly complicated processes

At qubesense, we specialize in simplifying complex processes.


Treating automation as a simple task replication

qubesense will ensure that the solution addresses your actual business issue.


Failing to monitor in post-production

Post-production support is a key part of the qubesense offering, including maintenance and upgrades as your business grows and evolves.


Using the wrong metrics to measure success

What will you call success’ is something qubesense will ask right in the beginning.


Ignoring the culture and employee impact

qubesense minimizes the disruption to your culture and ways of working – we adapt to you rather than make you adapt to the solution. We enable you to ‘transform without changing.
Wrapping up

However, these automation challenges can be avoided by using qubesense solutions.

We believe that organizations can achieve improved operational efficiency by investing in the right kind of business process automation.

qubesense has provided high-quality, customized, end-to-end digital automation solutions since 2015. We specialize in helping organizations achieve digital transformation rapidly in a flexible, modular, SaaS way.

After all, getting it right the first time is always preferred over going back and fixing it later.

Contact our solution experts and automate your workflow today. Who knows where it could get you in five years if you keep at it?

Let’s get started…

Avoid common automation pitfalls!

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